Firewood oak and mesquite, for BBQ or Fireplace.

Better yet for CAMPING!!!

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403 FM 685, Pflugerville, TX

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New Item at Gaddy's

  • Treat for fleas and ticks
  • ​Time to prepare for the fall garden

  • Treat for Grubs and Chichbugs
  • Change A/C/heating filters
  • Don't forget to water your Trees

American Steel Carports.

Customized to your needs

New at Gaddy's. 

Louisiana Pellet Grills and BBQ accessories.

Things to do in August

Fall Chick Schedule So Far

​Sept 8  ​Barred Rock, Americauna and Production Reds

Sept 22 Americauna, Black Australorp and Buff Orpington

Oct 6 Americauna, Silver Laced Wyandotts and Rhode Island Reds